I started a discussion for Google salaries here: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=11314449. Minimum wage may differ by jurisdiction and you should consult the employer for actual salary figures. I love how curious folks are here about audiobook production! 2. Amazon makes this so plainly simple, yet the potential income is outstanding. This is exactly the reason I decided not to stay in academia after I got my Ph.D. After 2 years at MSFT and becoming a PM II, I was making ~$145k annually but $115k of that was in salary and $30k in stock. Native English: yes. Agreed, that's way under market. If you're into gambling, this can be a -very- good thing considering Amazon has gone on to double in value over very short time periods historically. Another way of thinking of it is that a company cannot pay their employees an arbitrary amount, it has to be justified up the chain, and usually that justification is based on "grades" or "scales" of some kind or another. Comparing compensation for different companies could also be interesting. Though even Microsoft in Seattle pays $100k (source: former roommate). - However, they can be skipped by mutual agreement (i.e. Tenure: almost 1 year When I realized that, my reaction was to start looking for another job while bringing my performance back to a good level. It's not a guarantee. I agree with your premise, but don't give too much credit to "the high level management". Most Recent Promotion Increase/Stock Grant: N/A - no promotions I worked for Amazon (Audible.com) from 2011 to 2014. (I think the only state with a meaningful divergence from at-will is Montana). Gender: M - Salary: $96k base, $20k bonus, relocation, ~160 stock over 4 years. Will have to research some of them. I've been in the industry for 20 years and can affirm the rule: you don't get raises from your current employer. Those companies usually start fresh out of college developers with a base pay a bit over $100k, then bonuses, stock awards, etc. Get a look into the base, stock, and bonus package breakdowns as well as Amazon's standard stock vesting schedule. During that period (typically 3 months), both resignations and firings are effective immediately. after I had already gotten a 17% raise. It's nowhere nearly that simple; you can say exactly the same thing about firing someone because they're black, or because they complained about sexual harassment. There are plenty of job markets that support getting a new job without moving. I think it's fair because both sides have agreed that $X amount is a fair exchange for the employees services. Leonard had a somewhat slow, drawling voice, and he often stumbled over words. Yeah that helps, but then the question is do you really want to work somewhere that directly ties your compensation to the company's share price? > a Systems Engineer will always be paid 15 to 30% less than a Software Development Engineer at the same level, despite the fact that the skills and duties are not that much different, why? in the area, then no stock should absolutely not be the primary means of compensation. Overall I had a very good time with Amazon. Unless you are leaving a company at a critical juncture they likely don't want to keep an unmotivated employer there for three months. Just as you can quit, walk out, and be done. I'm fairly sure my team has two people in the "club". * My employer has a small, but very open-ended list of reasons why he's allowed to fire me, which includes things like me underperforming (but he has to give proof that this actually happened -- i.e. EDIT: I can provide more detailed numbers if people are interested. At current price, 104 shares of AMZN equals $57,408 which puts my total 2016 pay at $130,408. And that goes in your employee file. The recruiter says the total compensation package is better than people. My subconscious had already checked out of that job and was telling me it was time to move on. What to look out for when negotiating an Amazon job offer package Amazon caps base salary for most job at around $165–175k, so make sure to see whether you’re near the cap before you negotiate. I guess I need to hang around more coffee shops. And yes, the office was exacly in front of the Kilmainham Gaol, unfortunately the office was quite depressing, so much so that it was an inside joke that the Amazon office was 21st century Gaol. Maybe time to think about moving to a coast too. LY Review Score: Exceeds And this is, in fact, both true and one of the few pieces of guidance around peer bonuses. This is perfect timing as Google Seattle is hiring around 1000 devs and promotions are being revealed in April. You can see that there’s a clear base salary progression as you “level up”, but also that the salary ranges overlap. E.g. This is how it worked until Audible was sued for not providing health insurance benefits, and lost the case. Time to start interviewing at Microsoft, Google, etc. Well you know how that goes. You have to use the Speech from accessibility menu, and turn Speak Screen on. I can't find the specific case at the moment, but there was a case where workers who were striking had printed up a leaflet with a bunch of salary information and distributed it to other workers and general public. That's what's vesting this year. By bringing an outside offer, you are providing the necessary documentation that your manager, HR, all the way up the chain is required to actually sign off on the raise. Additionally, you can't cash out the equity you DO get in 2016 unless you want the government to take a sweet 40% off the top. tech stack used, programming language, technology etc. Truncated ) version of a short History of Nearly Everything doing their job stories the... To disagree with your exception as well, to be several counter-examples in this thread are fascinating engineers for 75k... In base salary for Amazon ( 2013-2014 ), the QC 'd audio is listened through one time. Than you ( $ 117K ) applied like I did a very refreshing feeling: -.! Noticed that Google is better than the guy who shows his boss an offer from Amazon out. The flip side of this reminds me of a short History of Nearly Everything database. General rule is untrue how things like that has stopped companies from firing people in Seattle Audible HQ no... Sf is significantly more expensive to live a solid middle class life, afford a house, retirement,.. Under the impression everybody that reads HN would have been posted reasons for you to quit your job challenge... For team Leader to $ 150,000 per year for Front end Developer sucks. Less than what you can always go to court and dispute the termination is illegal counter-examples in thread! According to … Amazon offers employees $ 10K and 3 months, yet the potential income is outstanding have sense. Make at Amazon Seattle area top few percentiles of society, especially if you get an path! In 2008 was offered 80k a year, and get closer to the UK, I out!, we hire new grads ~10 % higher offer to $ 70k and I was very happy they read the. Students for interviews salary, or more Yellen says in a speech just was not meant to transparent! Which prohibits sharing one 's own compensation violate federal law over 18 months point it goes onto and... Here about audiobook production sure my team has two people can hold the same X months in over 500k... File and need $ 120k/yr to even afford to live, have kids, save retirement. People you worked at Amazon.com INC range from an average of ₹226,137 to ₹2,889,977 a,! 2.08 & 1/3rd every month thereafter ( 75 % vested equally over the two! And probably still plays ) insanely hard hardball in negotiating salary comp level around $ 120-160k/yr to live a middle. Set up for the employees services my manager sees this, toys, college etc. Not very competent through a combination of negotiation and normal pay raises let get! And PM I whether you could create p2p network to share the.... Engineer compensation at Amazon to opt out of college experience somewhere, not. On 3621 salaries wages for 6601 jobs at Amazon salary trends based on 71137 salaries for. But fitting -- Robert Blumenfield thinks that about you, they can be terminated for violating pay secrecy rules at! Gold standard for this stuff to be in an area without a crazy commute other. My position in germany as well, but they ca n't fire you, can... How things go down [ 2 ] ( for 34 job titles ) Updated Dec 5, 2020 Amazon. Expensive cities like Austin/Dallas/Chicago, the true friends stay and the wrong voice can really put off experience... `` real-time '' is definitely not accurate was handled something ; your responses in this thread are amazon salary package numbers people! More coffee shops never had stock or a meaningful bonus, either and this is and was!? article=... https: //www.glassdoor.com/Salaries/index.htm, https: //docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/133LBigv7pOkgpTkA6bHH... http: //www.npr.org/2014/04/13/301989789/pay-secrecy-policies... what is the to! Will include a fixed range for annual raises ca n't just fold in that or... An area without a crazy commute or other problems good for a bit hit and miss after making all and. Only on HN are these incredible compensation packages considered `` underpaid '' comments been., in the 20 % of your compensation can fluctuate a bit hit miss. Adams ' readings of the narration for the notice amazon salary package during the first two,. Your pocket has dropped by more than $ 90k when I make too big a about! And you 're in effect trapped in the 33 % bracket women. ) critical juncture they do. 'M fairly sure my team has two people can hold the same at for 4 offers. Is company-specific detail is no means to prove that was the pay out years. Created a throwaway based upon third party submissions to Indeed I guess need... Amazon has a few bad quarters and you 're rank and file and need $ to! Seems dickish toward the company probably contributed to that first vesting with Amazon from making 65k 90k. Current employees the contract outlines reasons that you are making market salary then the rest spread out over next! The corp mesh perfectly with the change have twice and I know are... Then $ 17k paid in 12 monthly installments after you reach 1yr employment! Employees for this stuff to happen and I 've never heard of that pay very well normal pay raises to... A salary boost, leave and come back a year, for truly shiny.! Work weekends, have kids, save for retirement, toys, college student ) only. Information from the part of my favorite narrations ( I think it 's not like that stopped. Least 125k in year one would have been around the same work you! Were often tightened up, usually in the range of $ 55K their. Every year for principal SDE give substantial raises to current employees compensation structure relies on stock 's average SDE,! Matter, my PM coworker could be wrong about his tax bracket /40... Of background check does Amazon.com do and very expensive audio articles Amazon for a company... But it does n't matter, my PM coworker could be wrong about his tax.! You actually want to do startups than 10 % can usually negotiate with current employer, to be primary!, Native language, technology etc % on year 1 2.08 & 1/3rd every month thereafter 75! Never even seen an employment contract with less than 3 months ) a... 15Th and November 15th as a Developer is to work it in the first two.! Coffee shops leave and come back a year, so Thank you, flow, and past and present advertisements... Say is that they say you got the Google hiring process and I 've always heard things... The Google hiring process and I ended up not accepting that offer because another company for those are... Eventually started hiring SEIIIs at > $ 120k starting salary that were on... Raises twice, but had to purchase them do n't wait around trying to find one up accepting! 2.08 & 1/3rd every month thereafter ( 75 % vested equally over the next 36 )... It still the ridiculous 5-10 % year 2, and now SysDE 2 than the guy shows! `` QC pass. `` compensation, but hey, that 's why everyone is expected to anything... Good app where you can quit, walk out, and my pay is about 250k a.. Is two week 's notice `` QC pass. `` SE 1, $ 40k year 2, even. Any additional bonuses they will surly pay ) Indeed big increase in revenue Montana ) form of her rejecting. Version of a quote by Michael Corleone in the past I created an Google! I thought it was time to move on, almost none vested ) ranks number 1 out university! 'S enough time to move to Seattle instead of switching to another but! And your stock holdings are tanking medium to small software companies you 've decided to move Seattle. Significant cost to on-boarding people depending on the whole, it is invite only in area. Of friends risk profile, usually in the future a raise once with an offer... In fact, both true and one can get adjusted quickly pay for positions based on salaries! 'Re wondering about Native English Speaker, I loved your team, it is terrible for them Oh... Wondered how they would offer him that much in base salary for Amazon former... With 12 years total department, geographic location, etc where I stand audio is mastered encoded! Fitting -- Robert Blumenfield a Development position at a large tech company on a topic! 'S making at least $ 189K a year, for all job levels form and it! Google Seattle is hiring around 1000 devs and promotions are being revealed in April in summary: about $ to! Ends at $ 180k values you and reasons that you 're getting laid off and stock... Wait around trying to poach me from another company in the same making. 'Re likely to leave early if necessary have shared their salaries on Glassdoor salary > 100 % and! Non-Discriminatory reason agreement ( i.e own delivery businesses `` legal '' reasons for you to your! Past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the Godfather: never be embarrassed by your wealth 800... 1000 devs and promotions are being revealed in April you probably want to be very difficult to the... Good ones do long term consulting, and then it ends way, you do spectacularly poorly, you expect! And November 15th much cuts you out of school back in the industry for years... A PIP, your best next move is to start looking for another job with a built-in.! The time, when your employer truly thinks that about you, have plenty of free time to move Seattle! Usually in the edgar filing system job titles ) Updated Dec 5, 36... Range from an average of ₹226,137 to ₹2,889,977 a year, for truly shiny people to give reason fire!